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Welcome AECHS juniors! I am excited (and admittedly anxious) to work with all of you in English/LA 11. After teaching for the last twenty years at Ellet High School, I am eager to take on new and meaningful challenges. Together I hope that all of us can enhance our perspectives, through varied reading, purposeful writing and other Language Arts pursuits.


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Expectations & Policies Miller McCarthyism

For Tuesday, August 27...Click the above link and read the brief article. Compose written responses to the following for discussion in class - and to submit for 15% grade credit:

  1 - What significant impact did Senator Joe McCarthy have on U.S. Hidtory?


2 - In separate paragraphs, explain what each of the following individuals brought to American popular culture:

                   - Leonard Bernstein

                   - Arthur Miller

                   - Edward R. Murrow

3 - Aside from being falsely accused of being communist, for what other reason were some people jailed?



Additional class material on 8/26, and through part of the week, will center on one approach to any creative writing we'll we will begin a reading/study of "The Crucible", which strongly mirrors the events of McCarthyism.